It’s a Beautiful Day in the Playborhood: How Mister Rogers Can Inspire Play Therapists


Lisa Remey MEd, LPC-S, RPT-S & Jamie Lynn Langley LCSW, RPT-S

When:  Friday, September 24, 2021, 9am - 12pm CST

Cost: $65.00

3 NBCC & APT CE contact credit hours

NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider No. 6749
Association for Play Therapy Approved Provider 15-420

Workshop Description:

Fred MeFeely Rogers, best known as “Mister Rogers,” continues to be a beloved figure for his life-long work with and on behalf of children. This is especially true for many play therapists who identify the commonalities between Mister Rogers and how play therapists aspire to be. Play therapy provides a secure space of limitless possibilities for imagination and exploration, where a child is welcomed into the playroom with unconditional positive regard by a safe and trusted adult. This was also offered by Mister Rogers, who in-turn transported children to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe where puppets often dealt with difficult subjects and a wide range of feelings. This vehicle of imagination is similarly envisioned by play therapists, also incorporating puppets for projective play experiences.

In addition to utilizing a child-centered approach, Mister Rogers also provided creative activities and learning opportunities. As such he uniquely represents the best of both worlds of play therapy, the unstructured and the structured. By continuing to be similarly child-focused, play therapists can learn to adopt congruent practices to help children understand that not only are they special just as they are, but they are also capable to imagine, play, and to create as limitless opportunities to grow and heal. These therapeutically playful experiences often involve several of the therapeutic powers of play including self-esteem, self-expression, therapeutic relationship, creative problem-solving, positive emotions, and resiliency. Whether a seasoned play therapist or a novice, this training is an opportunity to be inspired by the legacy of Mister Rogers while increasing prescriptive play therapy skills to help children meet their needs unconditionally and imaginatively. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss at least two ways how Mister Rogers’ child-focused approach to connecting with children relates to play therapy.
  2. Explain the importance of intentional, genuine, and empathic responses, as modeled by Mister Rogers, as a primary factor in the play therapy healing relationship.
  3. Identify at least two ways Mister Rogers "being" with children parallels Virginia Axline's core principles of play therapy.
  4. Apply at least three therapeutic powers of play to intentional directive activities in play therapy as modeled by Mister Rogers.


  • 9-10 Foundations of Play Therapy
  • 10-11 Mister Rogers approach & Play Therapy Facilitative Responses 
  • 11-11:45 Play Therapy Directive Techniques
  • 11:45-12  Wrap-up, Q & A

Participant Requirements:

  • Two days prior to the event, registrants will receive a Zoom registration link
  • Video participation with camera on for duration of webinar
  • Completion of post-test and evaluation prior to receiving CE certificate
  • A maximum of 40 participants can attend this live webinar

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • This webinar will only consider refunds for unexpected circumstances, and a refund of 50% or a credit to attend an up-coming workshop may be issued

Target Audience:

  • Play Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, School Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists

*Due to COVID-19 health concerns, this one-time online event has been approved by APT for 3 CONTACT CE Hours. As such, this webinar is limited to 40 participants and interactive participation will be encouraged.

September 24th, 2021 9:00 AM through 12:00 PM
How Mister Rogers Can Inspire Play Therapists
Registration $ 65.00

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