FirstPlay® Therapy

An Infant Mental Health and Developmental Infant Play Therapy Attachment-Based Storytelling Model (Birth to 36 Months of age)

Infant Mental Health Preventative and Treatment Model

This play therapy model enhances parent and infant bonding and attachment. In FirstPlay® sessions, Practitioners demonstrate the storytelling movements on a babydoll while parents simultaneously practice the techniques with their infant.

FirstPlay Therapy® is so named because it is the type of play that happens first in a child’s life, before imaginative play, and is essential to a child’s healthy growth and development. It is that spontaneous, giggly-in-the-moment, brain-boosting, nurturing, joyful, relaxing, calming, bonding, multi-sensory, and exciting play that happens between a parent and infant. FirstPlay Infant Storytelling includes all these vital elements.

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FirstPlay Therapy
FirstPlay Therapy

FirstPlay® Practitioners guide parents through the FirstPlay Parent Manual© to provide caring, respectful and attuned touch to their infants as provided through a “story-massage” called, The Baby Tree Hug©. Practitioners do not provide the touch activities to the infant. Instead, practitioners instruct, direct, model and supervise parents (on a baby-doll) in the techniques of FirstPlay® Infant Storytelling Massage.

While the FirstPlay® Practitioner is demonstrating the techniques, the parent(s) simultaneously follows along and practices the FirstPlay® movements and storytelling with their own baby. The FirstPlay® Practitioner then guides parents on how to incorporate FirstPlay® sessions into their daily schedules.

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