Military Family Counseling

As a retired military spouse who has dealt with seven deployments and 13 moves, I specialize in helping military families cope with the challenges that come with the military lifestyle.

One of the toughest adjustments for our military kids to make is finding a new normal. This includes finding their way not just academically, but also socially by connecting through friends and activities. As military families, we know our time in any given location is limited and there is no time like the present to plug in and get involved. We also know firsthand that change is hard. The key to a smooth transition include accepting your child’s sense of loss while at the same time providing support, encouragement and resources.

I recommend monitoring your child for prolonged or unusual behavioral changes. These can be a sign that your little warrior may need additional help with transition.

Feelings of stress and loss are a normal part of any change, move, or transition. However, a change over an extended period of time is an indicator of higher stress and can be a red flag. Symptoms may include a change in your child’s interests, activity level, sleep pattern, eating, grades or an increase in physical complaints. If you notice some of these concerns extra support would be helpful.

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